About by Vivi.

"We would have liked to, but we didn't dare to."

Karl Valentin

by Vivi. is more than just a small, independent company. It is my dream to make the people around me a little happier with my art. 

All the treasures you can buy at by Vivi. are handmade with great attention to detail. I paint the designs for the cards classically with brushes and watercolors, the pendants were hand colored with 18 karat gold, the bracelets were attached to the card with care. 

Brand new additions are my dip dye candles. Each candle is a little unique, because it is dyed and packed by hand in my studio in Munich. Just like your new bracelet of choice, because it is knotted by me according to your specifications in my studio in Munich. 

I want to produce high quality products that make people happy - even if it is only for a short moment. When a card design puts a smile on someone's face or the bracelet on your wrist gives you a feeling of security, because you know that someone is thinking of you. When you associate it with a special person or even a promise you made to yourself. Then I have achieved what I want. That you are happy. 

XOXO, Vivi