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Candle in shell shape Pride Special Edition

Candle in shell shape Pride Special Edition


At by Vivi. you can also  bring the vacation home with our newest family addition! Our shell candles are cast by hand from organic canola wax with much love in Aachen. 

Our Pride Edition is very close to our hearts because: It's not a phase.


The color intensity of the candles may vary slightly. 


Designed and assembled with Love in Munich. 


Quantity 1 = 1 candle 

Colors: light blue | turquoise | yellow | pink | white       

Size: 9x7 cm

Burn time: approx. 7 hours 

Item number: N009

Please always make sure never to leave candles burning unattended!


Delivery time 2-4 working days. 


The order quantity for retailers is 1 piece = 1 packing unit (6 candles). 


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